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~Transformational Bodywork and Coaching~
Area of expertise: Deep tissue emotional release~


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  • Mission

    • I assist in the healing process with love.

    • I use my intuition, skills, and knowledge to guide and support in clearing the way for homeostasis of love to flow. Healing happens.

  • Clientele
    • All walks of life.
    • Extensive experience serving celebrity clientele for over two decades.
  • Philosophy
    • We are all doing the best we can at any moment with our skills and resources.

    • I release judgment and view each individual as their authentic self. Divine love.

    • I aim to assist people in their personal evolution and help them be their best.

  • Experience
    • University of Santa Monica: Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology.
    • UCLA: BA Psychology
    • Yoga Works – Teachers Training
    • Pacific School of Massage and Healing Arts, Basic Certification, Level 1, Transformational Bodywork, Apprenticeship with Fred Mitouer
    • National Health Care Institute of Massage, Healing Arts and Herbology
    • I have been drawn to massage and healing touch since I was seven years old. I started with a simple bucket, going door-to-door giving foot baths. In addition, I have been counseling my friends since early teens. My skills, knowledge, and awareness have grown exponentially over the years with practice and training.
    • I have been practicing professionally full time as an independent contractor since 1992. I have had the privilege to work with some of the greatest minds on the planet. My clients, healers, and instructors have all been my teachers.
    • I create a safe place for people to let go, grow, and heal. I apply my loving with consciousness and grace. I am of service and on purpose with the many gifts I share with the world.

Having been in the healing arts for over 40 years, I have had bodywork from all manner of practitioners.

Jennifer Faust is the best I have found - the one I use myself, and the one to whom I refer my own patients. She brings a masterful balance of strength and sensitivity, a deep knowledge of body dynamics, as well as nutrition, rehabilitative exercise, and wise counsel, all delivered with integrity and compassion.

~ Neil R. Gumenick M.Ac. (UK), L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.

Director, Institute of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture Inc.


Jennifer Faust’s skillful means as a bodyworker and Transformational Agent is only surpassed by her compassionate heart and wicked smart mind. Combined with her grounded professionalism and artistic temperament, Jennifer’s work is in a class all its own. I should know; I was fortunate to be one of her core teachers many years ago.

~ Fred Mitouer, Ph.D.


I have been working with Jennifer for over 10 years. Her work is both inspired and inspiring. Her commitment, strength, intuition and sensitivity create a space for process, healing and growth. She is magic.  

~ Quincy Coleman



Jennifer is hands down the best masseuse ever.  She is powerfully attuned to the needs of the mind and body and her deep, insightful massages are better than any chiropractic or therapy session.  Every other masseuse I have tried pales in comparison.     

~ Teresa Sparks



Jennifer came to me in 1998 after a life/death surgery. Her healing session made me cry...

I have sought her treatments ever since. I travel a lot world wide and I always come back to Jennifer because she is by far the best in the world! (2015)

~ Armondo Galllo

Journalist, photographer, Hollywood Foreign press Association


When people like Alanis Morissette, Aimee Mann or Jewel need a guitar hero, they call me. When I need a massage hero, I call Jennifer.

~ Julian Coryell  

Singer-songwriter, Musician.


 I have known Jennifer Faust for over 20 years. I can confidently say that she is the best masseuse I know. She is thorough and has a myriad of techniques which she has perfected over the span of her career. She is more than just an amazing masseuse. She is intuitive and caring and very knowledgeable. She is somebody who actually "walks the walk". I would not hesitate to refer any of my patients to her, knowing they were in very competent hands.
~ Shamim Khorsand, DC


As someone who travels 150 days a year and holds a 50 pound camera 10 hours at a time it's been an absolute must that I have someone in my life that knows how to put my body back in shape. For the last 10 years Jennifer has been a life saver for me both physically an spiritually.
I wouldn't trust anyone else to make sure I'm healthy, vibrant, aligned and ready for my next assignment.
~ Anthony Mandler


 There are massage therapists who follow a routine - and then there are massage therapists who are true healers. Jennifer is the latter.
She is all the things you want in a massage therapist: strong, experienced, professional, but then so much more.
I have never had a massage with Jen that was exactly the same. She listens to me and my body and intuitively begins where she is called or where I ask.
Sometimes we're quiet, sometimes we process things, sometimes I cry and release, other times I laugh... And frankly most sessions are a combination of all the above.
A massage with Jen is truly an experience. You never feel like you're in and out with a clock ticking. She works till you're energetically done. It's like multiple massages in one session. It's personal, intimate and honestly heavenly. Jen has magic hands... A breadth of wisdom and insight... And always creates a safe, supportive and connected space.
I can't recommend Jennifer enough. If I could, I would send every person I know to experience her magic!
~ Kaiulani Kimbrell
Program Director, Hollywood Food Guild

As a competitive triathlete and personal trainer for over 20 years: Jennifer has assisted me through many injuries as well as help keep my clients muscles supple. I highly recommend her services. She has great knowledge of the body.
~ Greg Isaacs
Trainer, author of The Ultimate Lean Routine

Jennifer is totally my go-to gal; when my body has reached its breaking point, she can bring me back to health both physically and mentally.  I am extremely physical, and knowing I have Jennifer there to heal my body gives me such peace of mind:)  She truly understands the physical demands of a dancer and performer, and she can help them maintain their top physical shape- I highly recommend her!!!!  Best around :)
 ~ Alison Faulk

Jennifer is truly amazing! As trainer, getting my clients ready for films productions and music tours, they need to be in tip top shape and time is critical, basically I break them and she fixes them. More importantly, she  keeps them in prime performance condition; we have to be super efficient with everything we do; and if it wasn't for Jennifer, the system would simply not work.
~ Gregory Joujon-Roche
Holistic fitness